The Great Cookie Bake Off

Twas the night before giving thanks,

Before loosened belts and stretched Spanx;


Before wishbones break or cider is served,

Only a few bakers muster the nerve;


The Great Cookie Bake Off is set to begin,

Five bakers enter, everyone get the win;


Adorned with their aprons, spatulas in hand,

Each hope their concoction is best in the land;


Peanut butter, sugar and classic chocolate chip,

Macaroons, Snickerdoodles, even oatmeal makes the trip;


One dozen perfect rounds enter this showdown,

Only the tastiest treat wins the crown;


From family secrets to those printed in books,

It goes in the Kitchenaid, then time to cook;


Eight to ten minutes, over done is a risk,

Or it’s back to the drawing board, in this case, the whisk;


Whether hot out of the oven or soaked in milk,

Serve your cookies free from guilt;


If you cookie’s taste can’t earn the win,

Better bribe the judges before you begin;

405 Replies to “The Great Cookie Bake Off

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