Origin Story

Each year, March brings the Ides, spring, Madness, leprechauns and The March of Donuts. The roots of this family “tradition” started just a few years ago. It was conceived one February morning after a discussion with my daughter about bad donuts. I believe they exist, she does not. I always liked the X-Files. Ever the Scully, she has not found the evidence.

I volleyed back the idea that since donuts are not a staple in a balanced diet, the rare donut should be a choice of excellence, an experience. It should be worth the trouble. It should not just be a mindless feeding frenzy as you wait for coffee in the break room. If I’m spending food kharma on a fried doughy confection, I want a great one. To prove this point, I said we would venture out to the most popular and highly ranked donut shops each weekend in the coming month, which happened to be March. And so, The March of Donuts began.

I had two stated goals as we began:

  1. Prove to my daughter that donuts were like anything else, there a some good and some bad.  She should recognize this and not waste too much time on inconsequential things, like bad donuts.
  2. Eat enough donuts to become donut weary, possibly ending the desire for donut consumption– an experiment that previously failed after Halloween with candy.

After a Super Size Me type month, we were donut weary. (Goal #2 accomplished) The weariness brought with it a conclusion… there are good donuts… and bad. (Goal #1 accomplished) The inaugural March of Donuts taught us that we had converted an average month into a special one, if only for us. We had taken a journey together.

This event was nearly a one-and-done. In the second year, a close friend who was staying with us liked the story so much he said we had to do it again. His enthusiasm for our tradition was contagious. It made it a second year and now it’s a thing.

It’s year three and there are still highly rated, unvisited, cutely named shops that require our attention. March 2016, get ready for The March!

Click here for the log of all the donut shops visited during the March of Donuts!


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