March of Donuts 2017

It is time to March! For the millions of us that celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, March is a meaningful month.  For those of us that participate in the March of Donuts, today begins the 4th year and an epic new chapter.  Hopefully this spirit beckons a warmth and encouraging sense to adopt a fresh perspective and practice gratitude for the important people in your life.

Quick review on how to participate:

  • Buy donuts from a donut shop
  • Share donuts with family, friends, co-workers and/or strangers
  • Have fun

For our family, the March of Donuts promotes this trifecta: shared moments, shared memories and the dopamine rush provided by those sweet, delicious confections. As in year’s past, the planning and coordination for the donut tour began weeks ago.  Sophia and I mapped out multiple locations, planning on reducing the donuts-per-shop ratio in exchange for an increase in the number-of-shops visited– an aggressive plan.

Despite a vacation planned in latter half of the month, we are expanding our range.  On the list this year, in addition to the local favorites, are some new shops around the Mile High city.



City Donuts, 4918 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO

Habit Doughnut Dispensary, 1553 Platte Street, Denver, CO

Fractured Prune, 1102 South Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO

The Donut house, 3124 S Parker Road, Denver, CO 80014

Brider, 1644 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202


Join us this month and take a friend or your family for a donut at a local shop.  Have a conversation; support a local business; indulge in a glazed perfection; introduce your coffee to a friend; share a memory with your family; take some pictures.  I’ll be sharing our adventure on Instagram: @marchofdonuts

Read the shops (and favorites) we visited in previous years.

Happy March of Donuts!!!

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