March is Coming-and so are the Donuts

My first post not about Harry Potter! Yay! OK, here we go.

It’s February 20, so February is over in 8 days (Finally! I thought it would never end). Soon it will be March, and you all know what that means. Well, maybe you don’t, but I’m going to continue anyway. This March will be the anniversary of’s¬†creation! My dad started this website in March 2016, so the anniversary is coming up! We plan to celebrate it by eating donuts, of course. The website is called March of Donuts, so we definitely need donuts on the anniversary.

Ok, that’s not the only thing happening this March. It will also have the birthdays of several people I know! Those people include-oh, you want to know what’s actually happening? Well…March Of Donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, our fourth annual March of Donuts is happening this year! Did you actually think I was going to write a post about all the birthdays in March? No, I would never do that, but I would make a post on the March of Donuts. If you don’t know what March of Donuts is, click here to read the origin story to the event and here to understand how it works. This will be year four of this event, and we will update the log to add 2017. Click here to read the log of past years if you haven’t already.

This post will be short, almost as short as my post about Slytherins and arrogance (click here to read that if you haven’t), but there is not much to say yet. I will try my best to stay updated once March of Donuts starts, and give a few reviews on the places we visit. As for now, see you all in March. Of Donuts.


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