Magnificent Redwoods

little man big tree
6’2″ vs 310′

A note for eyes looking right here right now. Please know & believe there is at least one privileged spot life has chosen to mark as healthy & at peace with all it can mean to be alive.

And that’s entering a stand of giant redwoods, Sequoias, standing together for hundreds numbering into the thousands of years, sharing nutrients through tendril like roots in genuine altruistic ways. Reaching out into fungi and bacteria, sharing common interests. Selfless in sharing nutrients in this tree village amongst it’s own tribe even to its own deficit.

There is a breathable sense of place that calms & energizes, pacifies & excites simultaneously.

How can  the quickened pace of the world surrounding a redwood forest ignore the healthful benefits of this green tinged fresh air. This longevity that speaks deep time saying I am but one of the creations. And who are you?

It’s the stand a short drive above Santa Rosa, Ca. to which I refer. And I can only hope to sample more. It’s enough to immerse yourself for your healthy dose, such as it wants to be, when it can be. The path this life form has taken doesn’t lend itself to remodeling or patching together disparate parts. It is as near perfection here on earth as we might get no matter our future intentions.

Look, I’ve climbed the Statue of Liberty and looked out toward Ellis Island imagining the great raft of us filtering across to this new world experiment called America. Impressive.
And stood over the south rim of the Grand Canyon. So many raindrops!

Even hiked up to Rocky Top then on to Clingmans Dome. This highest point east of the Mississippi was a cold splash of the suburban weekenders destination-very much WALL-E like.  Nonetheless it is an impressive civic effort Called the  Appalachian Trail(AT).

And more. As most of you have.

But there is some majesty, some special message that collects somewhere in you on a quiet walk through the redwoods that’ says, it’s All Right. It’s OK. There’s no pressure on you one way or another.

You are right where you should be at that moment in time. you  just know Life Finds A Way.

Perhaps Michael Crichton coined that phrase. Or perhaps “now he belongs to the ages“[sic].

Who is to say where I end & you begin. Where something starts and another leaves off.

Just try it. There is some effort to get there. But it’s worth it. You’ll never ever regret it. And that’s a long long time

Hal Allred

Va:0-3,Oh:4-5,WVa:6-22,Oh:23-35,NC:3638,Fl:39-62,Ks:63-65,Mo:66-69. Pennsylvania feels left out but note Rip Engle built the powerhouse of PennState that asst. Joe Paterno inherited. And that was Bobby Bowden that let Matthew McConnahey view veer film on we WeAreMarshall. Nuff said.

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