American Anger: from King George to President Orange

One commercial says America runs on Dunkin’.  Nice try. America runs on anger.

Live Free or Die. 

Lock Her Up.

Give me liberty or give me death.

Drain the swamp.

No taxation without representation.

If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation.

From our founding documents through present day, from the coastal elites to the flyover states—rage rules. King George quartered soldiers in our homes and syphoned revenue from our love of rum and tea. President Orange continues a legacy of republic rule servicing donors on foreign credit.

Anger fuels the American conversation, mixing indignation and idealism into Tweets, Instas and Face-rants. Fire, fury and gossip outsell reason, pragmatism and progress. Fat celebrity click bait entices minds faster than invention and norms. Parody trumps pragmatism. Clown car debates mock public discourse and everyone is a Nazi.

American Anger has gone full Oprah—You get outrage and you get outrage and you and you

He’s selling out America. She’s selling out America.

They’re robbing the middle class. They’re buying votes.

This is not the America I know—of course it is.

We’ve always been a nation of idiocracy, gifted a framework by a few men of status. We are kids on Christmas at 11AM—I have nothing to play with.

We have no parents telling us to shut our mouth and enjoy the roof over our head, the bounty on the dinner table and our 4-wheel drive SUV.

Pick your war—class, race, gender, climate, religion, guns, freedom of speech. I’m outraged.

Colbert made a joke—boycott!

Hannity stumps for Trump—treason!

Have a Coke and smile. Make it a Mexican Coke and you’ve lost half the country.

Starbucks red cups and Amazon HQ2—I need a valium.

I need a co-pay for that prescription—Revolution!

Anger thrives in America. It’s the American way. I have a dream, MLK said. This blue light on my phone keeps me awake—we say. JFK said we do things not because they’re easy, but because they’re hard. We complain that our WiFi is down.

Take a deep breath. Take a walk. Tom Brady won another Super Bowl? SON-OF-A-…

Needed podcast:

The Peter Attia Drive, #34 “Sam Harris, Ph.D.: The transformative power of mindfulness”, 12/20/2018

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