About MarchOfDonuts.com

My name is Ryan Allred. I am an information technologist by training, husband and father by choice and a thought experiment practitioner here. This domain is for the collection, storage and publication of essays containing personal inquiry, commentary and fiction. There is no limitation to the subject matter contained herein. There will be donut-obsessed content combining pop culture, donuts and media.

I am positive there will be nonsense, interesting thoughts and hopefully a flash of brilliance. And once a year, the March of Donuts will become an obsession.

About Content

  • Brief essays are used for ideas, opinions and commentary
  • Images and videos intended as humor, parody
  • PG-13 content
  • Efficient typing standards
    • Single space between sentences (what!? well, you might see these)
    • No serial (or Oxford) commas (explain)
  • Use hyperlinks to enhance references, sources, explanations
  • Images and Info-graphics are used to explore visual data communication
  • Accepted spelling for the classic fried confectionary food – donut



Ryan is a technology enthusiast and laggard blogger. Infected pragmatist and aspiring optimist, he contributes to this domain to practice the art of writing.

Location: Colorado

Twitter: @marchofdonuts   LinkedIn: Ryan Allred


Hal is a retired real estate agent and arm chair philosopher. He has scaled mountain heights on the Appalachian Trail and conquered the Bolder Boulder. He practices a no waste food policy and could have excelled in competitive eating if it had arrived sooner.

Location: Missouri


Sophia is a writer, artist, fashion designer and Harry Potter enthusiast. She has read the series more than three four FIVE times! Her essays found in this realm will most likely be Hogwarts related.

Location: Colorado


Max is a technology obsessed life hacker, inventor, artist and future teacher or pilot or software developer. He loves books like Robinson Crusoe, Notebook of Doom and Harry Potter.  He’s also a YouTuber, makes forts and loves Minecraft. Beware the Ender Dragon!

Location: Colorado